5 EGG-citing things to do with those plastic Eggs!

Did the Easter Bunny leave a Egg-ceptional amout of Plastic Eggs behind? We got ya!

By Gayle Helton- Henderson & Boulder City Macaroni Kid Publisher April 12, 2023

You made it!  Another Easter in the record books! Luckily, the Easter Bunny has always bought my household hygiene items!  Think Spin Brush toothbrushes, fancy toothpaste, neon flossers, and lotion. My kids love the character body washes and flavored chapstick. Oddly, these are ALL things I would be buying the kiddos anyway, but somehow, they appreciate them so much more. Of course, the bunny also gets an unbelievable amount of these plastic eggs. The good news?  These plastic eggs are not just a one-trick pony!  Check out these upcycle egg DIYs!

Kiddos can enjoy making maracas!  
Simply fill the egg with rice or popcorn kernels and you are ready for Cinco De Mayo!

Teens and tweens can get their creativity going with DIY bath bombs!
All you will need is baking soda, citric acid, 100% pure witch hazel, a spray bottle,  essential oils, and your eggs!

Treasure Trunk. Fill eggs with little stickers, coins, balls, or whatever. Use for rewards. Spelling tests, chores or just being a good human!

This is the best recipe for Playdough to Go... and you send those plastic eggs away in gift bags!