Host a Welcome Spring Party, yes you can!

It is time to open the doors and let the kids in! The easiest Party in history.

By Gayle Helton- Henderson & Boulder City Macaroni Kid Publisher April 12, 2023

You can be a superstar when you throw a welcome spring party! Here are the tips and tricks to welcome Spring and be that parent that sets the playdate bar with this beyond-easy Welcome Spring Party!

Pick a date.   Give about a week's notice. The lack of formal RSVP will keep if light and fun.   Pro tip? Pick a Friday afternoon.  It is not a huge bash that needs a ton of decorations or a ton of prep. If Saturday mornings are your thing, go for it!

Gather your mom friends.  Go through your phone and start a Group Text. ProTip? A simple photo of a jump rope or a balloon captioned with the date is great. Ask who is in! This will generate a ton of fun for the other parents! Let the banter begin!  

No mom tribe? No Problem! Never fear, your kiddos can do the heavy lifting! Gather 5 pieces of paper and some washable markers!  Let your little one invite a few friends. ProTip? Add a handwritten sentence, Something about Spring has Sprung at (your address). We would love it if (friend's name) can hop over for (2) fun-filled hours. 

Set up is a Breeze! Run, yes, run down to the dollar store. That is my quick summer vibe.  ProTip? You can literally spend $20 or less and complete the entire party. Grab Jumpropes, hula hoops, bubbles, and balls!  (Think of things you are going to buy anyway!) Grab Celo bags for Playdough to Go 

Decorations? Ehhh  Any easter Decor works great. Pro Tip? Dive into your old birthday decorations. Mismatched streamers and balloons are perfect for a low-key gathering. 

Food. You only get to pick one thing! Yep. Been dreaming of making those Pinterest Fruit Kabobs? Have the chocolate Pudding Dirt Cups with gummy worms been creeping into your dreams?  Sorry, you may only pick one. Make it count.  ProTip?  Other parents should ask what they can bring. If it gets closer to the date and no one has asked, shoot a group text and ask who can grab juice boxes for # of kids. They should all jump onboard and you can start assigning food or ask them to surprise you with a snack! Remember, this is a simple gathering.

Set up.  Put all of the toys in the backyard. Pro Tip?  This is your chance to get rid of the plastic eggs in the garage!  Follow this simple Playdough recipe and place it in similar egg color! In our home, playdough is for outside. 

Playdough To Go

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup water
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1/3 cup salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
food coloring of your choice
 Wax Paper

All the old Plastic Eggs you have for reasons unknown

Mix up everything in a pot.
Cook over low/medium heat, stirring a lot! 
Eventually, the mixture will thicken around the spoon.
Remove the dough
Place on Wax Paper

Enter the kids. Let the kids be outdoors and enjoy well-being friends! Pro Tip? Sit back and enjoy the chaos! They will be ok. You just set the bar for the easiest kids' party ever! 

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