Uptown Jungle Fun Park

27 S Stephanie StreetHenderson, NV 89012
Phone: (702) 935-9833Website: Visit Website Google Map

Uptown Jungle is a beautifully furnished 15,000-square-foot facility built to give your little ones the opportunity to express themselves in every playful moment. Our proud founders have gladly embraced their inner child, dedicating themselves to creating and promoting a true sense of freedom and excitement. Are you looking for a place where your child can explore, run, climb, slide, and beat different obstacles, all within a strategically engineered and ultra-safe environment? Uptown Jungle has it all, and then some more! Our indoor playgrounds are a real hit in Henderson, and our wide offer includes indoor birthday parties, fun park, team parties, and summer day camps as well. Are you ready to awaken your inner child and join your little ones in fun activities designed to get the entire family on their feet? It’s time to hit the Uptown Jungle Fun Park!

Business Review

"My kids love this place. Perfect for all ages." -Justin Kerr

"Extremely fun which made it difficult to make my kids leave! Lots of things for them to do and reasonable pricing." Jonah Obil