Losing weight and having fun at Cowboy Boot Camp

My weight loss journey continues

By Heather Landon, Publisher SW Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City February 13, 2020

Photo is not of me, just an example. You can find my progress photos on our Facebook page. Click here for the album. 
Back in January, I decided to take my life back and started working out again. To help me with my journey, I joined the six-week challenge at Cowboy Boot Camp. This challenge has offered me the support and motivation I needed to get my health back on track and start living my life once again. 

The six-week challenge also offers a Facebook group where I can find support, get tips for snacks and find meal planning assistance. Everything I needed in one place, plus, I have access to the classes available at Cowboy Boot Camp’s location here in Henderson. All classes are 30 minutes long and give you a full body workout. 

One of my favorite things about working out at Cowboy Boot Camp is that you are treated with respect by every person who attends classes with you. Not only are the coaches encouraging and respectful, other members are too. They are all there cheering you on and offer help when you find yourself struggling with a specific exercise. 

If you are following me on my journey, know I have lost 11 pounds since I visited my doctor back in December. Since starting the challenge, I have lost about 6 pounds. But that includes a week of being sick and getting off track for several days. Now that I am feeling better, I am back in action and even went to the gym twice yesterday.

Cowboy Boot Camp is going to be hosting another six-week challenge and there is still time to get signed up for the challenge. Call (702) 551-2228, email or click here for additional information about Cowboy Boot Camp and the upcoming challenge. 

Want to give Cowboy Boot Camp a try? Call today to set up your free introduction class or click here to sign up for one of the free Saturday classes. 

Please note: The publisher of Macaroni Kid Henderson-Boulder City was given access to the six-week challenge in order to make these reviews possible. All opinions in the review are of my own.

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