Arrive Alive: BCPD is Joining Forces for Safer Roads

By Press Release from Office of City Manager, Boulder City February 5, 2020

BOULDER CITY – We may be approaching NASCAR season, but leave the racing to the pros on the racetrack. Did you know that one-third of fatal crashes nationwide involve speeding? That statistic that is prompting local law enforcement to crack down on aggressive drivers and speeders in Nevada. Boulder City Police Department is “Joining Forces” with other law enforcement agencies to increase high-visibility patrols from January 31 through February 17, 2020, for motorists exceeding the speed limit.

Exceeding the speed limit is one of the most common factors contributing to traffic crashes and endangers everyone on the roadway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that the annual cost to society of speeding-related crashes is $40.4 billion dollars per year.

Most motorists do not believe speeding is as risky as other behaviors, but driving too fast can turn a near miss into a crash or a fatality. The faster you drive, the less time you have to react. As your speed increases, so does the risk of serious injuries or fatalities in a crash.

“We have seen a number of people treating the speed limit like a suggestion,but there is never a good reason for someone to speed,” said Chief Tim Shea.“Getting caught can be costly; fines can run hundreds of dollars depending on the offense. Not only is it costly – it is also dangerous. We’ve seen time and again the devastating impact these senseless accidents have on family and friends of victims.

”Boulder City Police Department remains dedicated to bringing the number of fatalities on our roadways to zero through increasing public awareness about the dangers of speeding. More information about safe driving and the state’s Zero Fatalities goal is available online at